About Phuong My Bag

Where are products manufactured?
What are Phuong My Bag’s products made of?
Do your materials have any recycled content?
Will the Phuong My Bag produce a bag made from recycled materials?

Phuong My Bag Order

Can I customize my bag?
Can I customize the dimensions of a bag?
What features can I customize?
What type of artwork files do you accept?
What is the minimum order level?
How long will my order take?
What if I need the product faster?
Do you offer any discounts?

Using My Phuong My Bag

How much weight do Reusable Bags hold?
How much will fit in a Reusable Bag?
How many bags will I need?

Bag Care

Can I wash my bag?
How long do Phuong My Bag last?


Are the Bags recyclable?
If so, how do I recycle my bag?

About Phuong My Bag

Where are Phuong My Bag produced?
All of our recyclable bags are produced in our partnering manufacturing facilities in China.  We do not outsource orders to other suppliers, thus always ensuring a consistently high-quality product, fair trade employment conditions and international environmental standards.

What are Phuong My Bag products made of?
Our most popular material is non-woven polypropylene (NWPP).

NWPP is a “non-woven” material, meaning it is neither woven nor knit.

“Polypropylene” is a petroleum-based, thermoplastic polymer material known for its smooth surface (excellent for printing).  Polypropylene is a #5 recyclable plastic.

Do not confuse our NWPP material bags with other low-cost NWPP bags on the market.  All Phuong My Bag reusable bags are produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.  Green Peace, for example, shows these products to be lower impact on their pyramid of plastics chart.

We also use recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a soft plastic used for water and soda bottles. Like NWPP, PET is smooth to the touch and very durable.  Its smooth surface allows for superior screen printing.

In addition, we also use: Jute, JUCO (Made of Jute & Cotton), Bamboo, and Polyester.

All Phuong My Bag products are made from non-toxic, non-corrosive materials and safe, color-fast dyes.

Do your materials have any recycled content?
As a pioneer in the field, we are constantly researching the viability of new materials, virgin and recycled, for our products.

We recently began using recycled polyetheline terephthalate (RPET).  RPET is made from recycled plastic bottles with no less than 75% recycled content.

Our popular standard bags are typically made from 95% NWPP.  We recycle all of our NWPP fabric scraps, which accounts for about 15% of all new bag material produced.

Will Phuong My Bag produce a bag made from recycled materials?
We have recently introduced new bags made from recycled PET plastic bottles, recycled polypropylene and recycled NWPP.

My Phuong My Bag Order

Can I customize my own bag?
Absolutely! Putting your name/logo on the bag turns shoppers or event attendees into walking billboards for your brand.
You can put your logo on our Semi-Custom Reusable Bags.

With our Fully Custom Reusable Bags, you can fully personalize your order to include bag size, color of material, matched ink colors, additional artwork, etc.

What colors can I choose when designing a custom bag?
Phuong My Bag offers both standard and custom color options.  For standard colors please view options.

With our Fully Custom Reusable Bag solutions, you can customize both your bag material and artwork in any PMS color you require.  We dye the recyclable bag material and match the printing to your corporate branding.

Can I customize the dimensions of a bag?

Yes!  We are more than happy to create a fully custom bag sized for your specific needs.  The minimum quantity for custom sizes is 5,000.

What features can I customize? 
Our Fully Custom Reusable Bag option gives you infinite variety.  You can tailor any number of features, including:

  • Printing
  • Material color and weight (thickness)
  • Straps sewn on outside versus inside
  • Straps length, width, and position on bag
  • Stability base
  • Filling (insulation, padding, etc.)
  • Special features (fabric hook for easy displaying zippers, burr and loop closures, buttons, buttonholes, filling, lining)
  • Hang tags
  • Packaging, including our popular POS counter dispenser

With our Semi-Custom Reusable Bags you can tailor bags with your logo/message. In other words, the custom part is the printing.

With our In-Stock Reusable Bags you select from our inventory of bag styles and colors but do not print on the bags.

What type of artwork files do you accept?

We accept Adobe Illustrator files (with fonts converted to outlines), EPS files, PDF files in vector format, high resolution (rasterized) Photoshop and JPG files.  If sending rasterized files, they must be at least 300 DPI at the full size and be easily removable from the background in order not to incur additional artwork set-up fees.                                                                                       Following these standards allows for us to quickly and efficiently edit your file if needed (for example, to change the color and size if requested) without contacting you for another file.

What is the minimum order level?
If you are ordering Semi-Custom Reusable Bags or In-Stock Reusable Bags the minimum order is 100 bags.

For Fully Custom Reusable Bag orders, where the actual bags are being produced and custom-printed for you, the minimum order is 5,000.

What is the turnaround time, from order placement to receiving my ordered products?

Turnaround time depends on which type of bag you are ordering.

For Fully Customized Reusable Bagsthere is usually an 8 to 12-week lead time, from sign-off of physical sample to receiving your order. Please note that extra time may be required to dye the material to a custom PMS color.

Semi-Custom Reusbable Bags take 1-3 weeks, with the average being 2 weeks.

In-Stock Reusable Bags are shipped directly from our inventory, and can arrive as soon as overnight.

What if I need the product faster?
We have rush options available; through our local affiliates, we can provide turnaround times as short as a few weeks and can also arrange air freight deliveries.  Please email our representatives for more information.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for re-sellers, ASI distributors, and customer loyalty programs.

We also offer discounts for fundraising and nonprofits.

Using My Reusable Bags

How much weight can the bag hold?

This varies by bag type.  Listed below are some of our most popular bags and their average weight capacity.

  • Our standard and thermal bags can hold up to 40lbs.
  • Zip-up and compact bags can hold up to 20lbs.
  • Wine totes are guaranteed to hold the weight of standard-sized wine bottles.

How much will fit in the Phuong My Bag?
This varies by bag type. Listed below are some of our most popular bags and their average volume capacity.

  • The standard and thermal bag will carry the total volume of what 4 to 5 typical plastic bags carry.
  • The zip-up and compact bag will carry the total of what 2 to 3 typical plastic bags carry.
  • The wine totes are made to carry 6 bottles, 4 bottles, 2 bottles or 1 bottle.

How many bags will I need?

One family (4 members) will require about 8 reusable bags.  We suggest keeping the zip-up or compact bags in your purse, desk, glove compartment or backpack for day-to-day convenience.  The combination of standard, compact, and zip-up bags means there is no excuse to be using plastic bags!

Reusable Bag care

Can I wash my bag?
For the longest life, we recommend simply wiping with a damp/soapy cloth or sponge, then letting your Phuong My Bag air dry.  NWPP, the primary material we use, will not stain or absorb moisture or odors; therefore, our bags are very easy to maintain.  We do not recommend machine washing, as it will put extra wear and tear on the bag material.  Please do not put your reusable bags in the dryer or iron!

How long will my Phuong My Bag last?

A Phuong My Co. reusable bag will last up to four years with weekly use. This very much depends on the frequency of use and what items are carried.


Are Phuong My Bag recyclable? 
Yes, our shopping bags are 100% recyclable.  Even though most of our bags are made of #5 plastic (polypropylene), we use the #7 recycled symbol because of the blended resin thread stitched into the bag.  Our bags are made mostly of polypropylene, a medium grade plastic which can be reformed into many products such as picnic tables and signs, all with a much longer lifespan than their wood counterparts.  Phuong My works directly with the manufacturers of these products.