Reusable, Recyclable Bags

It’s time to replace unsustainable consumer practices with a greener, reusable alternative.  At Phuong My Bag, our aim is not merely to provide reusable bags, but to promote change in consumer shopping habits.

Phuong My Bag Innovates Behavior Change
Old habits are difficult to break.  However, we know it can be done!

All it takes is:

  • Environmental leadership
  • A Conscious Attitude
  • Consumer education
  • Some ‘out of the bag’ thinking

Phuong My Bag is committed to all of these.

Phuong My Bag’s Contributions
Over the past twelve years, Phuong My Bag contributed to a more positive environmental impact by having manufactured millions of reusable bags.

  • This translates to hundreds of millions of plastic and paper bags that were never produced or consumed.
  • Phuong My Bag products help to reduce this overwhelming problem by replacing toxic, single-use plastic bags with recycled, recyclable, reusable bags.

Each Reusable Bag

  • Replaces 4 plastic bags each time it is used
  • Displaces thousands of plastic bags over its lifespan
  • Is made from non-toxic, non-corrosive materials and safe, color-fast dyes
  • Educates shoppers to adopt practical alternatives
  • Helps to reduce landfills and protect marine life

That’s a strong start, but we’ve still got a long way to go.
Please join our crusade of environmental stewardship.  We appreciate your interest and support.